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Lovely Lane 9 Block Quilt Workshops

This adult workshop is open to all skill levels!

The Lovely Lane Quilt workshops will be all done using hand applique techniques such as skinny stems, inside and outside points, perfect circles, split buds, pointed leaves and five different methods of applique.

This class is designed to be part of a nine block series. A workshop on each of the 9 blocks will be offered on a Saturday each month from October 2017 to July 2018. The final July class will be for quilt assembly. Attend one or attend all!

For additional information on each of the nine block workshops, click on the block in the picture above or to see the same information by workshop date by clicking on a date below..

October 21, 2017 C2 Lovely Lane Rev. Best - signed by A Best
November 11, 2017 B3 Lovely Lane Rev. Roberts Heart Block - signed by Catherine Hope
December 16, 2017 B1 Lovely Lane Rev. Roberts Berry Block
February 17, 2018 A2 Lovely Lane Rev. Best Berry Block
March 10, 2018 B2 Lovely Lane Rev. Lipscomb signed by Mary Blaf
April 14, 2018 A3 Lovely Lane Rev. Roberts Green Basket Block
May 12, 2018 C1 Lovely Lane Rev. Roberts Red Basket Block
June 16, 2018 C3 Lovely Lane Rev. Wilson Fruit Vase Block
July 14, 2018 A1 Lovely Lane Rev. Wilson Flower Vase Block
Date TBD Final workshop for quilt assembly.