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Site last updated on September 15, 2018

If you are ordering more than one pattern, please email me letting me know which ones and I will quote you the shipping cost.  Otherwise, shipping is $5.00 for an individual pattern.

Pattern Cost Link to Photo
Rev. Best A Best Block $15 Best Signed A. Best
Rev. Best Berry Block $15 Best Berry
Rev.  Lipscomb Angel Block $15 Lipscomb Angel
Rev. Lipscomb Mary Blafs Block $15 Lipscomb Signed Mary Blafs
Rev. Lipscomb White Vase Block $15 Lipscomb White Vase
Rev. Lipscomb Wreath Urn Block $15 Lipscomb Wreath Urn
Rev. Roberts Berry Block $15 Roberts Berry
Rev. Roberts Green Basket Block $15 Roberts Green Basket
Rev. Roberts Red Basket Block $15 Roberts Red Basket
Rev. Wilson Catherine Hope Block $15 Wilson Catherine Hope
Rev. Wilson Cornucopia Block $15 Wilson Cornucopia
Rev. Wilson Flower Vase Block $15 Wilson Flower Vase
Rev. Wilson Fruit Vase Block $15 Wilson Fruit Vase

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