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Site last updated on July 6, 2017

If you are ordering more than one pattern, please email me letting me know which ones and I will quote you the shipping cost.  Otherwise, shipping is $10.00 for a pattern.

Pattern Cost Link to Photo
Mary McDowell Hays Quilt (12) with Photo CD $40 Mary McDowell Hays
Ann Reese 1851 Border $15 Anne Reese Border
Rebecca Hendrix Quilt (16) with Photo CD $40 Rebecca Hendrix Quilt
Baltimore to Benin Block $15 Baltimore to Benin
Wall Hanging/Bell Pull $15 Wall Hanging/Bell Pull
Delaware State Block $15 Delaware State Block
New York State Block $15 New York State Block
North Carolina State Block $15 North Carolina State Block
Texas State Block $15 Texas State Block
City Spring Block $15 City Spring Block
California Gold Rush Block $15 Gold Rush Block
1844 Presidental Campaign Block $15 1844 Presidential Block
Baltimore Style Blocks (4) $20 Baltimore Style Blocks
Pennsylvania 1848 Pattern Set (4) $20 Pennsylvania 1848
Peacock Block $10 Peacock Block

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