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Earlier Tips of the Month

December 2007

I use toothpicks purchased at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. You can purchase 200 of them for $ .99! I use them to turn under my appliqué pieces.

September 2007

Kona Rich Red fabric matches perfectly to the 1846 - 1852 Turkey Red fabrics and it does not bleed!

August 2007

Preparation H® ointment helps heal sore fingers due to appliquéing and quilting. It also makes my students laugh when I tell them about it! But is really does work!!

July 2007

If your blue soluble marker does not wash out, try the following:
¼ teaspoon baking soda
¼ cup hot water
Pour over marked area and the blue disappears forever.

June 2007

My favorite tool is called a “blade runner.” With the use of a plastic circle template, one can make any size, perfect circles. This tool can be purchased at Michael’s in the scissors/scrapbook department. Don’t forget that you can use a Michael’s, JoAnn's or an A.C. Moore coupon to receive a discount when you purchase this item.